Tongkat Sihir Harry Potter

Expelliarmus ! Hi Potterhead, buat kamu  fans Harry Potter dan anak-anak Hogwarts, Planetoyz jual  tongkat sihir Harry Potter  (magical wand) dll. Must have item buat kolektor replika Harry Potter atau cosplay. Dapatkan juga koleksi Lego Mini Figure Harry Potter di Planetoyz.

Expelliarmus! for fans of Harry Potter and Hogwarts students, we present a magic wand and necklace replica from the Harry Potter movie. Must have item for collectors replica Harry Potter or cosplay. 

Harry Potter Magic Wand, 35 cm dari PVC
Sirius Black Wand Sold Out
The Elder Wand Sold Out
LEGO™ Harry Potter Minifigure :
Harry Potter @Rp. 90.000,- | Draco Malfoy Rp. 120.000,-
Hermione Sold Out
Harry Potter Pocket Watch  Diameter 5 cm + Box
Sold Out

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