Kamus Mainan Action Figure

Baru terjebak di dunia kolektor action figure? Selamat datang! ^ ^Sebagai panduan buat para kolektor baru, berikut ini adalah istilah dan singkatan seputar action figure dan mainan yang sering muncul dalam forum-forum dan toko online action figure. 

  • MOC: Mint on card 
  • MIB: Mint in box 
  • MIP: Mint in package
  • NRFB/NRFP: Never removed from box/package
  • M: Mint
  • NM: Near mint
  • VG: Very good
  • G: Good
  • F: Fair
  • P: Poor
  • HTF: Hard to find
  • VHTF: Very hard to find
  • Carded: Figure is still on original backing card.
  • Boxed: Figure is still in original box.
  • Loose: Figure is no longer in it's original box or card.
  • Complete: Figure has all of its original accessories.
  • Punched: The hole used to hang the card on a peg in stores has been knocked out.
  • Unpunched: The hole used to hang the card on a peg in stores has not been knocked out.
  • CNP: Complete with no package (usually the same as "Complete")
  • AO: All original
  • EX: Exclusive
  • PRO: Prototype figure (often extremely rare)
  • CON EX: Convention exclusive (could only be obtained at a special convention)
  • FS: Factory sealed
  • Shortpacked: Means that less of one particular figure was released than the other figures in that line.
  • VAR: Variation
  • Mail Away: Figure could only be obtained through a mail in offer from the toy's manufacturer or other promotion.
  • LE: Limited Edition
  • FS: For Sale
  • FT/TT: For Trade/To Trade
  • WTB: Want to Buy
  • WTT: Want to Trade
  • NFS/NFT: Not for Sale/Not for Trade
  • HAS: Hasbro
  • MAT/Matty: Mattel
  • KEN: Kenner
  • TB: Toy Biz
  • TRU: Toy R Us
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